2019 Program - North Lamar, Randy Jones

Overture to Candide - Leonard Bernstein/Clare Grundman

Irish Tune from County Derry - Percy Aldridge Grainger

The Red Machine - Peter Graham

Yellow Rose of Texas and Variations

Guest Euphonium Soloist - Dr. Brian L. Bowman

Khan - Julie Giroux

The Stormchasers - Robert Sheldon

2018 4A Honor Band – North Lamar, Randy Jones

2019 Program - Carlisle, Christopher Clifton

Eagles Among Us - Brian Balmages

Commence - Sean O'Loughlin

Blest Be The Tie That Binds - Hans Georg Nageli/arr. Fred J. Allen

Chicago World's Fair Centennial 1933 March - Carl Mader

Guest Conductor - Allison Girt

Le nozze di Figaro - Mozart/arr. Peters

Guest Conductor - Amanda Steinbach

Toccata for band - Frank Erickson

Blue Mambo - Michael Sweeney

Viva! - Jack Wilds

2018 1A/2A Honor Band – Carlisle, Christopher Clifton

            Crosley March - Henry Fillmore

            Yorkshire Ballad - James Barnes

            Overture for Winds - Charles Carter

2019 Program - Atlanta MS, Kirsten Thompson

2018 1C Honor Band – Atlanta MS, Kirsten Thompson

2018 Program - Jourdanton, Babatunde Onibudo

2017 3A Honor Band – Jourdanton, Babatunde Onibudo

2017 Program – China Spring, Pam Hyatt

2016 4A Honor Band – China Spring, Pam Hyatt

2017 Program – Mineola MS, Melissa Fisher

2016 2016 1C Honor Band – Mineola MS, Melissa Fisher

2017 Program – New Deal, James Nance

            Fanfare Magnificat - Gary Gackstatter

Morning Mist in County Derry - Gene Currie

The World Turned Upside Down - Arranged by Robert Jager

Voices Of The Sky - Samuel R. Hazo

The Carnival Of Venice - Jules Demersseman/Clarke and Rogers

Jacob Nance, alto saxophone

Salvation Is Created - Pavel Tschesnokoff/Bruce H. Houseknecht

Foiled Again! - Jack Wilds

The Seal Lullaby - Eric Whitacre

West Highlands Sojourn - Robert Sheldon

I.          Stow-On-the-Wold

II.        Bradford Ballade

III.       On Derwentwater 

2016 1A/2A Honor Band – New Deal, James Nance

            Brighton Beach- William P. Latham

            Heaven’s Light – Steven Reineke

            A Longford Legend

I.               A Longford Legend

II.             Young Molly Bawn

III.           Killyburn Brae

2016 Program – New Diana, George Little

2015 3A Honor Band (first year for 3A after reclassification) – New Diana, George Little

2015 Program (first year for 4A after reclassification) - 

2014 3A Honor Band – Robinson, Robert Vetter

            The Coast Guards March – Karl King

            Fantasy on a Japanese Folk Song – Samuel Hazo

            Variations on a Theme of Robert Schumann, The Happy Farmer – Robert Jager

2015 Program - Honey Grove, Dennis Syring

2014 1A Honor Band – Honey Grove, Dennis Syring

2014 Program – Cameron Yoe, Steven Moss

2013 2A Honor Band – Cameron Yoe, Steven Moss

2013 Program - Fredericksburg, John Rauschuber

Lone Star Fanfare – Jack Stamp

Irish Tune from County Derry (Elastic Scoring Version) – Percy Grainger/Kreins/Bryant

Concertino for Four Percussion and Wind Ensemble – David Gillingham

The Seal Lullaby – Eric Whitacre

Amparito Roca – Jaime Texidor/Winter

Aurora Awakes – John Mackey

2012 3A Honor Band - Fredericksburg, John Rauschuber

George Washington Bicentennial March – John Philip Sousa

Molly on the Shore – Percy Grainger

Angels in the Architecture – Frank Ticheli

2013 Program – Carlisle, Josh King

2012 1A Honor Band – Carlisle, Josh King

2012 Program – Queen City, Chris Brannan

2011 2A Honor Band - Queen City, Chris Brannan

2011 Program - North Lamar, Randy Jones

            Sound the Bells! – Williams/Lavender

            October – Whitacre

            Jalousie – Jacob Gabe

            Forward! – Jason Nitsch

            Symphonic Metamorphosis – Hindemith/Wilson


                 Turandot, Scherzo



            Circus Bee March - Fillmore

2010 3A Honor Band - North Lamar, Randy Jones

            March from “Symphonic Metamorphosis” – Hindemith

            October – Whitacre

            Aegean Festival Overture - Makris

2011 Program - Canadian, William Brewer

2010 1A Honor Band - Canadian, William Brewer

2010 Program – Aubrey, Ronald Chapman

2009 2A Honor Band - Aubrey, Ronald Chapman

2010 Program – Carlisle, Dennis Rhame

2009 1A Honor Band - Carlisle, Dennis Rhame

2009 Program - Argyle, Kathy Johnson

Gavorkna Fanfare - Jack Stamp (Eugene Migliaro Corporon, Conductor)

English Dances, Set 1 - Malcolm Arnold, Arr. Maurice Johnstone

Sanctuary - Frank Ticheli

Wedding Dance - Jacques Press, Arr. Herbert N. Johnston/Michael Lemish

     (Michael Lemish, Conductor, Associate Director of Bands, Argyle High School)

Theme from Green Gushes [1905/1987] - Percy Grainger, Arr. Larry Daehn

     (Dennis Fisher, Conductor)

Tico-Tico - Zequinha Abreu, Arr. Naohiro Iwai

El Capitan - John Philip Sousa

2008 3A Honor Band - Argyle, Kathy Johnson

March, Op 99 - Sergei Prokofiev

Sarabande and Polka - Malcolm Arnold

Trittico - Vaclav Nelhybel

2008 Program - Queen City, Chris Brannan

2007 2A Honor Band – Queen City, Chris Brannan

2008 Program – Forsan, Jim Rhodes

2007 1A Honor Band - Forsan, Jim Rhodes

2007 Program - Lindale, Steven Moore

Niagara Falls - Michael Daugherty

Loch Lomond - Frank Ticheli

Fantasy on an African-American Spiritual - arr. Bruce Preuniger

Easter Monday on the White House Lawn - Sousa

Lux Aurumque - Eric Whitacre

Dance of the Jesters from The Snow Maiden - Tchaikovsky

2006 3A Honor Band - Lindale, Steven Moore

            Parade of the Tall Ships – Chattaway

Symphony of Themes from John Philip Sousa, mvt. II after “The Thunderer-  Ira


Blue Shades – Frank Ticheli

2006 Program – Argyle, Cindy Mikel

2005 2A Honor Band - Argyle, Cindy Mikel

2006 Program – Carlisle, Scott Rhame

2005 1A Honor Band - Carlisle, Scott Rhame

2005 Program - Canyon, Mike Sheffield

Ride - Samuel Hazo

Sleep - Eric Whitacre

Ritual Dances - Shawn Okpebholo

Military March In D Major - Beethoven/Bourgeouis

Concerto for Solo Percussion and Wind Ensemble, mvmt 3 - Ziek

Into the Peaceful Unknown - Gabriel Musella

Windsprints - Richard Saucedo

2004 3A Honor Band - Canyon, Mike Sheffield

Daughters of Texas - Sousa/Fennell

A Movement for Rosa - Mark Camphouse

Variations on a Theme of Robert Schumann - Jager

2004 Program – Cooper, Jeff Bradford

2003 2A Honor Band - Cooper, Jeff Bradford

2004 Program – Overton, Glenn Wells

2003 1A Honor Band - Overton, Glenn Wells

2003 Program - Canton, Rob Toups

            A Festival Prelude – Reed

            Emblem of Unity – Richards

            Discovery – Gibson

            Salvation is Created – Tschesnokoff

            Diversion – Helden

            October – Whitacre

            Folk Dances - Shostakovich

2002 3A Honor Band - Canton, Rob Toups

            The Klaxon March – Fillmore

            Longford Legend – Sheldon

            With Heart and Voice - Gillingham

2002 Program – DeKalb, Harold Raney

2001 2A Honor Band - DeKalb, Harold Raney

2002 Program – Carlisle, Scott Rhame

2001 1A Honor Band - Carlisle, Scott Rhame

2001 Program - Cleveland, Johnathan Kelly

            Joyce’s 71st

            English Folk Song Suite

            Star Wars Medley – Phantom Menace

            Army of the Nile

            Variations on Yellow Rose of Texas

2000 3A Honor Band - Cleveland, Johnathan Kelly

            Florentiner March

            Shepherds Hey

            Second Suite in F

2000 Program – Howe, Elmer Schenk

1999 2A Honor Band - Howe, Elmer Schenk

2000 Program – Munday, Rodney Bennett

1999 1A Honor Band - Munday, Rodney Bennett

1999 Program - Monahans, Tony Gibbs

Olympic Fanfare and Theme, James Curnow

As Summer Was Just Beginning, Larry D. Daehn

For the New Day Arisen, Steven Barton

Lonely Beach (Normandy, 1944), James Barnes

A Childhood Hymn, David Holsinger

The Fountainhead, Stephen Melillo

     I.  Integrity's First Stand

     V.  Dynamiting Cortland

     II.  Form and Function

1998 3A Honor Band - Monahans, Tony Gibbs

Semper Fidelis, John Philip Sousa

Shepherd's Hey, Percy Grainger

Stormworks, Stephen Melillo

     I.  Timestorm

     II.  Before the Storm

     III.  Into the Storm

1998 Program – Industrial, Jeff DuBose

1997 2A Honor Band - Industrial, Jeff DuBose

1998 Program – Harper, Gary Potter

1997 1A Honor Band - Harper, Gary Potter

1997 Program - New Boston, James Coffman

            The Vanished Army – Alford

            Incantation and Dance – Chance

            I Wander Deep in Thought – Grieg/Setting by T. Rhea

            A Tribute to Rudy Weldoft – arr. Schuller

                 Mvt. II Saxarella

            Mock Morris – Grainger

            Les PapillonsLankester/Orchestration by Johan de Meij

                 Mvt. I Petit Du Chou

                 Mvt. II La Belle Dame

                 Mvt. V Le Grand Porte-Queue

1996 3A Honor Band - New Boston, James Coffman

            Army of the Nile – Alford

            Sarabande and Polka – Arnold

            The Hounds of Spring - Reed

1996 Program – Holliday, David Eakins

1995 2A Honor Band - Holliday, David Eakins

1996 Program – Irion County, Daniel Nanez

1995 1A Honor Band - Irion County, Daniel Nanez

1995 Program - Elgin, Van Henry

Firework, Van Der Roost

Eastern Intermezzo, Grainger/Warshaw

With Pleasure, Sousa

Spanish Variants, Daniels

Japanese Tune, Konigawa

Whip and Spur, Allen/Cramer

1994 3A Honor Band - Elgin, Van Henry

Gallito, Lopes

Sarabande and Polka, Arnold

Havendance, Holsinger

1994 Program – Warren, Don Stockton

1993 2A Honor Band - Warren, Don Stockton

1994 Program – Munday, Rodney Bennett

1993 1A Honor Band - Munday, Rodney Bennett

1993 Program - Bellville, Malcolm Randig

Theme from JFK - Williams/Lavender

On a Hymnsong of Robert Lowry – Holsinger

Salute to Kansas - Sousa/Foster

Pierce Concertante - Rousseau/LaBauve (Donald Knaub, soloist)

Suite on Greek Love Songs - Van Lijnschooten

1992 3A Honor Band - Bellville, Malcolm Randig

            His Honor – Fillmore

            Havendance – Holsinger

            The Hounds of Spring - Reed

1992 Program – Iraan, Paul Lindley

1991 2A Honor Band - Iraan, Paul Lindley

1992 Program – Petrolia, Jerry Floyd

1991 1A Honor Band - Petrolia, Jerry Floyd

1991 Program - Crane, Scott Mason

1990 3A Honor Band - Crane, Scott Mason

1990 Program – Winona, Bobby Overall

1989 2A Honor Band - Winona, Bobby Overall

1990 Program – Irion County, Osiel Hernandez

1989 1A Honor Band - Irion County, Osiel Hernandez

1989 Program - Brownfield, Blane Hinton

Bullets and Bayonets - John Philip Sousa

Serenade and Dances - James Sudduth

Flourish for Wind Band - Ralph Vaughan Williams

The Gathering of the Ranks at Hebron - David Holsinger

On Parade March - Edwin Franko Goldman

God of Our Fathers - Claude T. Smith

1988 3A Honor Band - Brownfield, Blane Hinton

            Flag of Stars

1988 Program – Industrial, J.H. Castellano

1987 2A Honor Band - Industrial, J.H. Castellano

1988 Program – Grandfalls-Royalty, Jim Rhodes

1987 1A Honor Band - Grandfalls-Royalty, Jim Rhodes

1987 Program - Van, Kenneth Griffin

Our Glorious Land - Joseph Olivadoti

The Black Knight - Clare Grundman

Concert Variations - Claude Smith

Flourish for Wind Band - Raph Vaughn Williams

Old Scottish Melody - Charles A. Wiley

Concerto in C Major (Alecia Griffin, oboe soloist) - Joseph Haydn

Festa! - Elliot Del Borgo

1986 3A Honor Band - Van, Kenneth Griffin

Pentland Hills

Prelude & Fugue in Bb Major

Italian in Algiers

1986 Program – Howe, Elmer Schenk

1985 2A Honor Band - Howe, Elmer Schenk

1986 Program – Iraan, Lucky Floyd

1985 1A Honor Band - Iraan, Lucky Floyd

1985 Program - Willis, Wendy Marquart

Bells, Ian McDougall

            The Squealer, Will Huff

            Symphony No. 3 Finale (excerpts) Mahler/Jim Reynolds

            Hot Trombone, Henry Fillmore

            Hymn of St. James, Reber Clark

            Gershwin!, Warren Barker          

            America, the Beautiful, Samuel Ward/ Carmen Dragon

1984 3A Honor Band - Willis, Wendy Marquart

            In Storm & Sunshine  , JC Heed

            Irish Tune from County Derry, Grainger

            English Folk Song Suite, Ralph Vaughan Williams

1984 Program – Olney, Ben Hoaldridge

1983 2A Honor Band - Olney, Ben Hoaldridge

1984 Program – Rankin, Gordon Shultz

1983 1A Honor Band - Rankin, Gordon Shultz

1983 Program - Pearsall, Daniel Aleman

            Gerona – Santiago Lope

            Phrygiana – James Andrews

            Concertino for Marimba and Band – Paul Creston

            Grace Praeludium – Francis McBeth

            Guadalajara – Pepe Guizar

1982 3A Honor Band - Pearsall, Daniel Aleman

            Aguero (paso doble) – Jose Franco

            Third Suite – Jagar

            Jubilant Overture - Reed

1982 Program – Clint, Jesse Lottspiech

1981 2A Honor Band - Clint, Jesse Lottspiech

1982 Program – Iraan, Lucky Floyd

1981 1A Honor Band - Iraan, Lucky Floyd

1981 Program - Woodville, Barry Johnson

The Thin Red Line

American Overture for Band

Variations Sur Un Air Du Pays D'oc

     Scott Deppe, Soloist

     Russell Cronin, Conductor

Chorale and Alleluia

The Impresario


Americans We

1980 3A Honor Band - Woodville, Barry Johnson (first year for 3A after the reclassification)

Eagle Squadron

Sea Portrait


1980 Program – Industrial, J.H. Castellano

1979 2A Honor Band – Industrial, J.H. Castellano (first year for 2A after reclassification)

1979 Program - Bellville, Robert McElroy

            The Gallant Seventh – Sousa/Fennel

            Concertino for Tuba and Band – Frank Bencriscutto (Larry Campbell, tuba solo)

            Fanfare and Ceremonial “Huldigungsmarsch” – Wagner/Houseknecht

            Gershwin, A Medley – Gershwin/Bennett

            Ye Banks and Braes O’Bonnie Doon – Grainger

            Symphonic Psalm – Claude T. Smith

1978 2A Honor Band - Bellville, Robert McElroy

            The Golden Bear – Richards

            “Spring” from “The Seasons” – Vivaldi/Cacavas

            Kaddish - McBeth

1978 Program – Clint, Mike Marsh

1977 1A Honor Band - Clint, Mike Marsh

1977 Program - Port Isabel, Manuel Mireles

            Moorside March from A Moorside Suite – Gustav Holst, arr. Gordon Jacob

            Alleluia! Laudemus Te – Alfred Reed

            Apokryphos – Mike Leckrone

            Prelude – Jean Beghon, arr. Chas. J. Roberts

            Guadalajara – Pepe Guizar, arr. Arcadio Guajardo

1976 2A Honor Band - Port Isabel, Manuel Mireles

            Amparito Roca – Jaime Texidor

1976 Program – Crowell, James Streit

Concord Overture- by Ralph Herman

Victoria Waltz (Trumpet Trio)- Leonard B. Smith

Arietta for Winds- Frank Erickson

Chorale and Capriccio- by Giovanni

George Washington’s Bicentennial March- by Sousa

1975 1A Honor Band - Crowell, James Streit

The Hometown Boy- by King

Symphonic Overture- by Carter

Chant and Jubilo- by MacBeth

1975 Program - Westlake, Lee Boyd Montgomery

            Festive Centennial – McBeth

            The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Dukas/Hindsley

            New Mexico March – Sousa

            Expansions for Wind and Percussion – Brown

            Grant Them Rest from “Requiem”, Op. 48 – Faure/Buehlman

            American Civil War Fantasy - Bilik

1974 2A Honor Band - Westlake, Lee Boyd Montgomery

            Chicago Tribune March – Chambers

            First Suite in Eb – Holst

            Four Scottish Dances – Arnold/Paynter

1974 Program – Banquete, David Smith

1973 1A-B Honor Band – Banquete, David Smith

1973 Program - Hebbronville, Eddie Zamora

            La Gracia De Dios, Paso DobleRoig

Liebestod, from Tristan and Isolde – Wagner/Bainum

            Italian Polka – Rachmaninoff

            Chorale and Fugue (world premier) – Lawrence Weiner

            Emblem of Unity March – J.J. Richards

1972 2A Honor Band - Hebbronville, Eddie Zamora

            InglesinaDelle Cese

            Ambrosia Hymn Variants – Donald White

            Finale from Symphony No. 5 – Shostakovich

1972 Program – Van Horn, Ralph Zamarippa

1971 1A-B Honor Band – Van Horn, Ralph Zamarippa

1971 Program - Seymour, Barbara Sperberg

1970 2A Honor Band - Seymour, Barbara Sperberg

1970 Program – Holliday, Buddy Richardson

1969 1A-2C Honor Band – Holliday, Buddy Richardson

1969 Program - Lake Highlands JH, Eddie Green

1968 2A-3C Honor Band - Lake Highlands JH, Eddie Green (TMEA combined 2A with 3C for two cycles)

1968 Program – White Oak (1A), Neil Grant

1967 1A-2C Honor Band - White Oak (1A), Neil Grant

1967 Program-Richardson West JH, Bob Blanton

1966 2A-3C Honor Band - Richardson West JH, Bob Blanton (TMEA combined 2A with 3C and 1A with 2C for two cycles)

1966 Program – Memphis, Ronnie Wells

1965 1A Honor Band – Memphis, Ronnie Wells

1965 Program - La Feria, Don Fleuriet

1964 2A Honor Band - La Feria, Don Fleuriet

1964 Program – Blocker JH (Texas City)

1963 1A-3C Honor Band – Blocker JH (Texas City)

1963 Program - Edcouch-Elsa, Perry Suggs

1962 2A Honor Band - Edcouch-Elsa, Perry Suggs

1962 Program – Industrial, Tony Fassino

1961 1A Honor Band - Industrial, Tony Fassino

1961 Program - La Feria, Don Fleuriet (new rule after this year – bands may not repeat as Honor Band)

1960 2A Honor Band - La Feria, Don Fleuriet

1961 Program - Three Rivers, Bryce Taylor

1960 1A Honor Band – Three Rivers, Bryce Taylor

1959 Program - La Feria, Don Fleuriet

1958 2A Honor Band - La Feria, Don Fleuriet