Association of Texas Small School Bands
Including Regions 4, 9, 10, 21
Rusty Lay, Area East Coordinator

Site updated January 5, 2017

Area Auditions will be held on Saturday, January 7, 2017 at Tyler Chapel Hill High School and Middle School

Judges meeting begins at 9:00 am in the High School Library
Students may go to their holding room and begin warm up

Make sure and check the ATSSB web page for all instructions on Auditions.

VERY IMPORTANT - Please check the judging list and let me know if you cannot fill your spot

Judging List 2017 (revised, again)
Host Letter
Room Assignments
All State Student Letter

From the State Office on one breath warmups
Due to discrepancies abounding across the state, please tell your judges to allow the following:
Students will be allowed THREE one-breath warmups (playing whatever they wish to play so long as it is done in one breath)
1. prior to the playing of scales
2. prior to playing the slow etude
3. prior to playing the fast etude

Note that it says they are "allowed" - they do not HAVE to play a warmup at any time