2016 OPS Results (links will be active when uploaded following adjudications)

Updated 6-14-16

Region Results (Adjudicated by Designated Regions in parentheses):

Region 01 (adjudicated by Region 07) Region 11 (adjudicated by Region 16)
Region 02 (adjudicated by Region 08) Region 12 (adjudicated by Region 23)
Region 03 (adjudicated by Region 04) Region 13 (adjudicated by Region 21)
Region 04 (adjudicated by Region 01) Region 14 (adjudicated by Region 03)
Region 05 (adjudicated by Region 15) Region 15 (adjudicated by Region 12)
Region 06 (adjudicated by Region 05) Region 16 (adjudicated by Region 10)
Region 07 (adjudicated by Region 14) Region 18 (adjudicated by Region 06)
Region 08 (adjudicated by Region 09) Region 21 (adjudicated by Region 18)
Region 09 (adjudicated by Region 22) *Region 22 (adjudicated by Region 11)
Region 10 (adjudicated by Region 02) Region 23 (adjudicated by Region 13)
* No entries from this region were received

Area Results (Adjudicated by Designated Areas in parentheses):

Area West comprising submissions originally from Regions 1, 6, 16 & 22 (adjudicated by Area Central. Perry Morris is the Area Central Coordinator)
Area North comprising submissions originally from Regions 2, 3 & 5 (adjudicated by Area South. Emerico Perez is the Area South Coordinator)
Area East comprising submissions originally from Regions 4, 9, 10 & 21 (adjudicated by Area North. Brandon Brewer is the Area North Coordinator)
Area Central comprising submissions originally from Regions 7, 8, 18, & 23 (adjudicated by Area East. Rusty Lay is the Area East Coordinator)
Area South comprising submissions originally from Regions 11, 12, 13, 14, & 15 (adjudicated by Area West. Rodney Gurley is the Area West Coordinator)

2016 Outstanding Performance Series State Adjudication Results

The top march and top two concert submissions in each class will be included on the 2016 Outstanding Performance Series CD which will be sent free to each ATSSB-eligible high school with the September Newsletter. Congratulations to these fine bands for their outstanding performances.

Class 1C March
Class 2C March
Class 1A/2A March
Class 3A March
Class 4A March
Class 1C Concert
Class 2C Concert
Class 1A/2A Concert
Class 3A Concert
Class 4A Concert