On-line Entry Procedures
ATSSB Region 10
  1. Go to www.tmea.org and click on "divisions" at the top of the home page then go to "band" then to "audition entry process" then "login as a director" and follow instructions. Please be complete with your information. All directors need to be included with all of their info.

  2. After you do your online entries, go to www.atssb.org. Click on "online forms" at the left side of the page and print out the coversheet. Please send to my attention the coversheet with copies of your membership cards for ATSSB and TMEA attached along with payment for the entries and a print out of entries postmarked by the posted deadline to PO Box 190 - Warren, TX 77664. Checks are to be made payable to "ATSSB Region 10". I only need this coversheet from those that have not already sent it with the ATSSB Jazz Band Auditions. If you have already sent this to me for the ATSSB Region Jazz Auditions, I will not need it again. I only need the coversheet for the first contest that you enter including your MS director's cover sheet and for those of you who did not have any jazz entries. Please remember that you may not enter MS students unless the MS director is a member and the same for HS.

  3. If you have students who wish to go the TMEA route for the state selection process, you must print out and include the 4A-5A track selection sheet also located on "online forms" sheet to declare this route. It is not enough to declare it with TMEA, you must also declare it with ATSSB or your student will automatically be advanced for ATSSB even if you declare TMEA track when you signed them up for TMEA auditions.

  4. Please be sure to go to the ATSSB website to go over all the rules and procedures as well as errata.