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       Region entries are done online through the TMEA website.  Please do not wait until the last minute to complete your entries.
Technology has a way of breaking down without notice, and this will give you time to check your entries with the students.

 ===================  ONLINE ENTRY IS OPEN   ==================

**   You must be a member of both ATSSB and TMEA to enter your students for region auditions.  Copies of both cards must be attached to the "ATSSB Entry Cover Sheet".  

**  Do not fill out the “Declaration of Intent Form” unless you have a 1A/2A student auditioning for the ATSSB 3A, TMEA 4A, and TMEA 5A Band OR have a 3A student auditioning for the TMEA 4a and 5A Band.  It is assumed that all of the 1A/2A students are following the ATSSB 2A track AND all 3A students are following the ATSSB 3A track.  If you have a student going to a higher classification ATSSB 3A route or the TMEA route, fill out the “Declaration of Intent Form” and send it with your entries for ATSSB.

**  If you have students auditioning in both wind/percussion AND choir auditions, you must fill out the “Dual Certification” form and send it with your entries to me.  If you do not have a student going both choir and instrumental routes, don’t bother with it.

**  You will receive an Entry Confirmation Email (PDF) on Monday, November 25th showing the entries you submitted.  Check it for errors.  If you have any errors, go online and correct them BEFORE November 30th. After November 30, all corrections must be done at the audition site and directors must pay an additional entry fee ($10) per correction.

**  Here is a “Student Information Form”.  Click it, have each student type in their information for you, and then print.

**  When you have completed your online entries, please fill out, print, and mail the following items to me postmarked by           November 23rd:


                        *ATSSB Entry Cover Sheet with copies of both ATSSB and TMEA membership cards attached.  (required)

                        *Judging/Instrument Preference Sheet  (required)

*Dual Certification &/or Declaration of Intent Form  (if needed)

*A school /booster check for your entries & the “Official Entry Form” (printed from TMEA website)  (required)




Entry Deadline:  November 23, 2013


Entry Fee:  $10.00 per entry


Audition Date:  December 7, 2013


Audition Time:  11:00am – Monitors’ Meeting

                           11:30 – Panel Judges’ Meeting

                           12:00 noon – Auditions Begin


Audition Site:  Bowie High School (Aaron Martin - Audition Host)


Payment:  Please make school or booster club checks payable to:  Byron Alsup-ATSSB


Audition Music:  Year “C” and scale sheet as listed in the PAL.   Don’t forget to check for errata! Check ATSSB website. 


Mail Forms and Fees to:       Byron Alsup - ATSSB                                               
                                                POB 689 - 751 College Ave
                                                Holliday, TX  76366

Here is the link to our ATSSB Region 2 Rules and Guidelines:

Listed below are a few reminders from that document.

  • Students may only double on the following instruments:  Saxes; Low Clarinets; Tenor Trombone/Bass Trombone; NO piccolos in the region band.
  • Students are not allowed to tryout on marching band instruments such as mellophone, marching baritone, etc.
  • An inaudible metronome is permitted in the audition room.  It may only be used prior to the performance and not during the performance. 
  • Each Head Director and his/her ENTIRE staff must be present for their students to audition.

Now that you've made it this far, click on  All-Region Entries

If you still have questions, feel free to call.


Respectfully yours,

Byron Alsup - R2C

Holliday HS

School # 940.586.1873      School Fax # 940.583.4480     Cell # 940.235.9426

Email:  Home,     School,

Use Year "C" for 2013-2014
ATSSB Region 2
2013 - 2014