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       I hope everyone enjoyed their summer. The ATSSB web site has been updated so you can find all the information you need regarding auditions.  Here are a few items to keep in mind when doing your online entries. Make sure you set up your Campus on the TMEA site listing ALL band staff.

 ====================   ONLINE ENTRY IS CLOSED     ====================

**   You must be a member of both ATSSB and TMEA to enter your students for region jazz auditions.  Copies of both cards must be attached to the "ATSSB Entry Cover Sheet".  

**  You will receive an Entry Confirmation Email (PDF) on Sunday, September 1st showing the entries you submitted.  Check it for errors.  If you have any errors, go online and correct them BEFORE September 6th.  After September 6th,  ALL corrections must be done at the site of the auditions and the Directors must pay an additional entry fee ($20) per correction.

**  When you have completed your online entries, please mail the following items to me postmarked by August 30.


                        *ATSSB Entry Cover Sheet with copies of both ATSSB and TMEA membership cards attached.  (required)

                        *Jazz Judging/Student Instrument Preference Form  (required)

*A check for your entries & the “Official Entry Form” (printed from TMEA website)  (required)



Here are a few more things to keep in mind when you do your online region jazz entries.

*  Be careful with the scroll wheel/button on your mouse.  It is easy to sign the student up for the wrong instrument.  Double check yourself. I would suggest having each student initial beside their own entry on the “Official Entry Form” to verify the information. Use complete and accurate information for your students.




Entry Deadline:  August 30, 2014  (TMEA requires it to be 14 days before tryouts)


Entry Fee:  $20.00 per entry


Audition Date:  September 13, 2014


Audition Time:  9:30AM – Directors’ Meeting

                           10:00AM  – Auditions Begin


Audition SiteDecatur HS  -  Eric McNiel (Audition's Host)

Payment:  Please make school/booster checks payable to:  Brian Beeson-ATSSB

Audition Music:  Set “D”

Mail Forms and Fees to:          Brian Beeson-ATSSB

   1400 N. Main

                                                   Jacksboro, TX  76458


Please read the following PDF document.  It contains information from the ATSSB State Jazz Coordinator, Brian Donnell
( ).




Please note several items:

*Late entries will be charged an additional entry fee automatically and must be paid before the student/s may audition..

* Rhythm instruments, only, will audition with the CD accompaniment.

* All area qualifiers will record WITH CD accompaniment on the same day as Region Jazz tryouts. 

*For the improvised solo, Wind Instruments, Piano, Guitar, and Bass will play the lead as written the first time, improvise on the remaining three choruses, then play to the end as provided on the Audition CD. (Area qualifier CD recording only)

*For DRUM SET ONLY - “For the improvised solo, students should play time on the first chorus, solo on the second and third chorus, and play syncopated kicks and fills on the third chorus provided on the Audition CD.”  (Area qualifier CD recording only)

*The recording fee for Area Qualifiers will be paid by the Region Coordinator.

*Students must audition on first part.



Now that you've made it this far, click on  All-Region Jazz Entries

If you still have questions, feel free to call.



Eric McNiel - ATSSB Region 2 Jazz Coordinator

Decatur HS

School # 940.???     Cell # ???

Email: School, , Home,

Use Set "D" for 2014-2015
ATSSB Region 2
2014 - 2015