To register click on the link below:


To enter students go to

Mouse over Divisions and Regions

Mouse over All State

Click Audition Entry

Follow the instructions.  Your login should be your TMEA number and the password (unless you changed it) will be the first three letters of your name and your membership number.

After you have entered students please TRIPLE check your entries.  I would recommend that you post your entry sheet and have the students sign off to make sure that all information is correct (this is to protect you).  This is very important.  We WILL NOT make changes on the day of the auditions, even if you accidentally enter a student on the wrong instrument.

Entry fee:  $11.00 per entry

After you have checked you entries, please mail the official entry form and the check to me at:

Princeton High School

Brandon Brewer

1000 East Princeton Drive

Princeton, TX 75407

BTW - When you complete your director information on the TMEA website, be sure to include all band directors in your district.  This will allow me to create judging panels from the information you submit online.  We will need every director for both MS and HS auditions.

Let me know if you have any questions,


Default Login: your TMEA membership number

Default Password: first three letters of your last name followed by your membership number

Questions?  Contact our Region Coordinator:

Brandon Brewer

Director of Music, Princeton ISD

ATSSB President-Elect

ATSSB Area North Coordinator

ATSSB Region 5 Coordinator

1000 East Princeton Drive

Princeton, Texas 75407

Work: (469)952-5400 ext. 2986