Region 7 North Zone District Bands
Penny Seigler, Executive Chairman - Email - 751 College Ave/POB 689-Holliday, TX. 76366
North Zone Rules
All entries will be done on the TMEA website. Directors should have a Campus setup for JH and HS if needed. Go to this page (here)  and read the information and follow the instructions on the page to submit entries for the District Band tryouts listed below.
TMEA North Zone Junior High District Band
? - Band Chairman

TMEA North Zone 1A/2A/3A/4A District Band
? - Band Chairman


Andante 1
Fast Etude

$5 entry fee Instrumentation

ATSSB Region Band
  Etudes (A)
$5 entry fee Instrumentation
Jan. 28, 2017

Online entries open October 19th.
Deadline for entries: November 5th

Auditions are November 19th
Directors meeting at 9:45AM
Auditions begin at 10:00
@ Holliday

Online entries open October 5th.
Deadline for entries: October 22nd
Auditions are November 5th
Directors meeting at 11:45AM
Auditions begin at 12:00 noon
@ Holliday

Clinic location:
(band hall)

1A/2A/3A/4A - WFHS
(on stage)

Clinic begins at 8:30AM