Student Audition Information

When you arrive at the contest - Please go to the check-in table first.  During the judges’ meeting, the students will need to sign-in in the gym foyer, get an auditioner label, then find their audition room.  Students then need to gather in the gym for warm-up until an announcer calls for students to begin auditioning.

DNAs - When you get to the auditions, please give a list of DNAs to the host.


Conflict Round - There will be a conflict round on Friday and Saturday.  This round is for students that need to leave early.  You must get a Conflict Pass for your student at the check-in table.  After all conflicts have auditioned, we will start the regular auditions.  Please do not have your entire band audition during the conflict round.  Only students with valid conflicts will be allowed to play during this round.


Late Registration - We will allow a few, but please do not expect to late register more than one or two.  You must get a Late Registration Pass for your student at the check-in table.  If you have late registration or conflicts - please be early to take care of these problems.


Student Supervision - It is very important that you have a parent or adult chaperone to supervise your students during the auditions.  It is your responsibility to have someone to watch your students while you are judging.  The host school is not responsible for student supervision.


Judges and Monitor Instruction Sheet - Please make yourself aware of this information.  It will help auditions get started quicker.


Audition Procedure - Conflict Round and MS Auditions - students play all music cuts required .  HS regular auditions will have two rounds - 1st round: scales and slow etude; 2nd round: fast etude.  Percussion will audition in three rounds - snare, mallet, tympani - according to state guidelines.


Concession Stand - Both audition sites will have a concession stand available.

Schedule of events:


Wednesday, Sept. 19 ATSSB Region Jazz Band Auditions

4:00 pm  Monitor and Judges Meeting

4:30 am  Auditions Begin

Site  Groesbeck High School - Collin Anderson, host


Friday, Nov. 30  Middle School ATSSB Region Auditions

2:00 pm  Monitors and Judges Meeting/Student Check-in

2:30 pm  Auditions Begin

West Zone MS Site  Clifton High School - Keith Zuehlke, host

East Zone MS Site  Groesbeck High School - Brian Boecker, host ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Saturday, Dec. 1  High School ATSSB Region Auditions

9:30 am  Monitors and Judges Meeting/Student Check-in

10:00 am  Auditions Begin

Site  Groesbeck High School - Collin Anderson, host


Saturday, Jan. 19  HS/MS Region Clinic and Concert

Site  Groesbeck HS - Collin Anderson, host

8:30 am  Band Seating

9:00 am  Rehearsals Begin

Lunch  Groesbeck HS - $6.00/student

6:30 pm  Concerts Begin


Saturday, Jan. 12  Area Auditions

Site  Robinson HS - Bob Vetter, host;  Perry Morris, Area Coordinator

9:30 am  Monitors and Judges Meeting/Student Check-in

10:00 am  Auditions Begin


Friday, Feb. 9  Region Jazz Section Rehearsals

Site  Yoe HS - Steven Moss, host

4:45 pm  Sectional Seating

5:00 pm  Sectionals Begin

7:00 pm  Sectionals End

Saturday, Feb. 10  Region Jazz Clinic and Concert

Site Yoe HS - Steven Moss, host