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ATSSB State Office Page

ATSSB State Office Page

Kenneth L. Griffin, Executive Secretary
2117 Morse Street
Houston, Texas  77019
(713) 874-1151 (voice and fax)

Last updated 7-25-17

This page has been implemented to allow the Executive Secretary to upload current Membership data and forms members might need to participate in ATSSB activities across the state in 2017-18. Any of these may be obtained off-line by contacting a Region or Area Coordinator, or by contacting the state office: Contact the Executive Secretary if any link is not working. Some links may not be up at this time. Keep checking back.

If you are new to directing or new to ATSSB, take a look at this suggested Checklist. I would appreciate additions or suggestions to add to the list to help our fellow directors:

Director Checklist

For anything to do with the ATSSB Outstanding Performance Series, go to the OPS page:   OPS

The following forms are available for downloading.  You may need the latest version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them.  You may need other software depending on the file you are downloading.

Membership Application (You can open this in Acrobat Reader, type in the information requested, and print it out, saving you a lot of time - and the Executive Secretary having to decipher handwriting!):
Membership Application

SmartMusic etude files (You can open these in SmartMusic and change tempos, etc. as a practice file; other etudes will be scanned and listed here if permissions can be secured):

Also, SmartMusic has an extensive list of solos in the UIL PML. Here is an Excel file of their current listings: Texas PML Band. You can get these files from their website.

The SBOD proposed, and the membership accepted with a Constitutional amendment, creating a College Division Membership for college music majors or minors.  The purpose of the membership is to maintain interest among our small-school band students who are going to major or minor in music so they may return to our ranks as band directors after graduation.  They will be listed in the ATSSB database for possible inclusion on judging panels at regional, area, and state chair auditions.  College Division Membership Application:
College Division Membership Application


YEAR C Update (important information regarding the 2018-19 audition year):
YEAR C Update


Officers of the Association of Texas Small School Bands for 2018-19:
Officers 2018-19


Region and Area audition forms:
Audition Entry Cover Sheet (directors must use this form with the first ATSSB audition entry of the year and include photocopies of their current ATSSB and TMEA membershjp cards)

All-State Track Selection Form (for students who wish to audition in a Track other than the one in which their school is assigned - it is assumed ATSSB students are taking the ATSSB 3A Track if they are in a class 1A, 2A or 3A school and the 4A Track if they are in a 4A school unless they submit this form with their first All-Region entry, either ATSSB or TMEA)

Directors should be aware that they are obligated to comply with all established rules and regulations regarding eligibility, region entries, judging participation, etc., under penalties as currently set by TMEA:
Penalties for Rules and Policies Infractions
ATSSB Appeals Process

State Chair Audition Information (from the current Prescribed Audition List) click Here to access data regarding procedures for chair auditions at state.

To get the etude pages from the Prescribed Audition List, go to the AUDITIONS page.

ATSSB History


Anyone desiring mailing labels of ATSSB members or ATSSB All-State students can open this pdf file for the ATSSB policy regarding its release.

Newsetter Advertising Policy

Advertising is accepted for the ATSSB Quarterly Newsletter. The Newsletter is published online each September, December, March, and June. The September Newsletter is also printed and mailed to each ATSSB-eligible high school in Texas and includes a free copy of the current Outstanding perfomance Series State Winners CD.

Middle School Suggested Audition List

This is a three-year rotating list of etudes and scales that regions may decide to use for middle school all-region band auditions.  This is a SUGGESTED list, so it is up to each region to adopt this list or use their own.


Important Information Regarding ATSSB Etudes

Each year, someone brings up the suggestion (or a proposal at the State Board of Directors meeting) of using a portion of the TMEA etudes for ATSSB auditions, especially in light of the fact that our auditions are now aligned.  Each year, the proposal is defeated by a strong majority.  The SBOD has asked that we publish on the Web (as we have done numerous times in the past) the following list of reasons as submitted by SBOD members and Founding Charter Members:

  • We use the same available and affordable books each year so new ones do not have to be purchased; TMEA changes books often.
  • Books are affordable which is not often the case with some of the TMEA books that are sometimes difficult to find, then are no longer useful after one year's use.
  • TMEA etudes sometimes have things in the music that seem to be only interpretable by specialty private lesson teachers. Also, switching every year makes it more possible someone will not get the correct errata or even the correct music for auditions.
  • TMEA etudes are selected by college professors with the idea that the music will be taught to the students by private lesson teachers, whereas ATSSB etudes are selected by band directors with the idea that the music will be taught to the student by band directors. This rotating list enables band directors to learn what they need to know to help teach these etudes without becoming specialists on the instruments. It also helps new teachers because the audition material is easy to find and the process is clear.
  • Most brass are aligned with the same etudes, allowing group classes to be taught in single-director schools.
  • Etudes are more typical of the literature that is played by ATSSB students on a day-to-day basis in difficulty, key, rhythms, etc. This makes it more attainable by larger numbers of small-school bandsmen.
  • Length of etudes is standardized for parity among sections.
  • While recent TMEA band division chairs appear cooperative and might give ATSSB the TMEA etudes in advance of TBA for selection and cuts to be announced at that time, there is no guarantee that spirit of cooperation would continue.
  • Knowing the etudes in advance of the year to come could allow those who choose to do so the opportunity to give the etudes to students for summer practice, giving the students something to focus on besides march or pop tunes in preparation for the fall. Summer might also be the only time a student might get help with the etudes since the band director (who is also the private lesson teacher when time can be spared for it) is busy in the fall with marching season.
  • We have control over our own tryout music. If it doesn't work, we change it.
  • One benefit we have garnered unexpectedly is a comprehensive (yet still growing) list of errata.
  • New demonstration recordings do not have to be purchased once a director has obtained a total set for the entire five years.
  • Since the student must choose a track before entry, there is no longer an advantage using the same music as TMEA.
  • If we think these etudes are good, meet our needs, and represent quality, worthwhile audition music, why should we have to reinvent the wheel every year?
  • Students that want to participate in both TMEA and ATSSB bands at the region level should be capable of preparing both sets of music. We should feel no responsibility for facilitating their high goals.


All-State Band Information

Housing will be handled through the TMEA this year. Check for more details in the future.

Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption

Former and future clinicians and commissioned composers

Rehearsal Schedule for 2019

Official Licensees

ATSSB Licensees are companies that wish to use the ATSSB Service Marks (Logo, name, etc.) on their products.  They pay a License fee and a 10% royalty on all items sold using these marks.  The royalties go directly to the ATSSB All-State Scholarship Fund.

If you wish to have a License, download the following agreement and send two signed copies of it to the ATSSB State Office with the License fee.

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