Note that some do not have scores.

(updated 02-02-2009) by Brian Boecker
Abram's Pursuit by David Holsinger

Acrostic Song, from Final Alice by David Del Tredici, arranged by Mark Spede

Accidentally In Love arranged by Sweeney
Adagio by David Holsinger

Affirmation by William Owens
Africa: Ceremony and Song by Robert W. Smith
Amazing Grace by Frank Tichelli
America, The Beautiful by Samuel Augustus Ward, arr. Carmen Dragon (NO SCORE)
American Fanfare by Wasson
American Heroes (Armed Forces Marches) arranged by Carl Strommen
Americans We by Fillmore/Fennell
And the Heart Replies by Anne McGinty

Applause! by Takamasa Sakai
As Tears Go By by Jagger/Wallace
Ascension by Robert W. Smith

(The) Band Song by Schuman
Barnum and Bailey's (March) by King

(The) Blue Orchid by William Owens
By Dawn's Early Light by Dawson

Cajun Folk Songs by Frank Techelli
Canzona Bergamasca by Samuel Scheidt
(A) Celebration of Spirituals by Barker
Celebration Fanfare (An Overture for Symphonic Band by Steven Reinke
Celebrations by Zdechlik

Chorale by Vaclav Nehybel
Chorale, from Chorale and Caccia by Clifton Williams
Chorale and Allegro by Smith

Chorale Prelude, God of Our Fathers by Claude T.Smith
Circus Days March by King/Schissel
(The) Cowboys, from the motion picture "The Cowboy and the Cowgirl" by John Williams, arranged by Jim Curnow (NO SCORE)
Crest of Nobility by Robert Sheldon

Culloden Movement III by Julie Giroux

Dance of the Comedians by Smetana/Foster
Dance of the Jesters by Peter I. Tchaikovsky, transcribed by Ray E. Cramer
(A) Day at the Zoo by James Curnow

Danse Diabloique by Joseph Hellmesberger, transcribed by Tohru Takahashi
Dinosaurs by Bukvich
Disney's Lion King by Hans Zimmer, arranged by John Higgins

Don Ricardo by Gabriel Musella, percussion arranged by Rick Rodriguez

Early Light by Bremer
Elegy for Selena by Robert Foster


Fanfare of Wakakusa Hill by Itaru Sakai
Fantasy on Yankee Doodle by Mark Williams

Ferris Wheel by Jason K. Nitsch

Fiesta Espanola by Timothy Loest
First Suite for Band by Alfred Reed
Flashing Winds by Van der Roost
Four Colonial Country Dances by James Curnow

From Anahuac to San Jacinto, March on Texian Themes by Gabriel Musella


(The) Gallent 7th by John Philip Sousa edited by John R. Burgeois

Hands Across the Sea by John P. Sousa/arranged by Finnell

His Honor March by Henry Fillmore edited by Fennell

How the Grinch Stole Christmas arranged by Mike Story

In Endless Song by Robert Lowry, arranged by Douglas Wagner

In the Center Ring by Robert Sheldon
Into the Storm by Robert W. Smith
(The) Invincible Eagle March by John Phillip Sousa, arranged by James F. Keene (NO SCORE)


Jupiter from "The Planets" by Holst arranged by Williams


Kamehameha by William Owens
Kenya Contrasts by Himes
Kirkpatrick Fanfare by Andrew Boysen Jr. (Two sets available)

La Forza del Destino by Verdi/Lake

La Peri Fanfare by Paul Dukas arranged by Rick Longfield
Laude (Chorale, Variations and Metamorphos) by Howard Hansen (NO SCORE)
Le Belle Helene by Offenbach

Legend of Bafe by John Fannin

(The) Maelstrom by Robert W. Smith
Main Title (Prince of Thieves) by Kamen/Wilson
Marche Slave by Peter I. Tchaikovsky, arranged by L.P. Laurendeau

Midnight Sky by Brian Balmages
Midway March by Williams/Moss
Molly on the Shore by Grainger
Movie Magic by Marshall


Nitro by Frank Techelli
Of Sailors and Whales by McBeth

On the Grand Prarie Texas, A Portrait of the Land by David R. Holsinger
On the Mall (March) by Goldman

On the Overland Stage to El Paso by David Holsinger
Overture to a Summer is a'Comin' by Custer
Overture to "Candide" by Leonard Bernstein, arranged by Walter Beeler (NO SCORE)
Windsprints by Richard L. Saucedo (NO SCORE)

Paradiso by Robert W. Smith
Perthshire Majesty by Samuel R. Hazo
Pineapple Poll by Sullivan/Mackerras
Prariesong by Strommen
Procession of the Nobles by Rimsky-Korsakiv
Purgatorio by Robert W. Smith


(The) Red Balloon by Anne McGinty
Regenesis by Higgins
Resting in the Peace of His by John Gibson
Rhapsody on an Old English Sea Song by Johnson (Two sets available)
Rolling Thunder by Fillmore/Finell
Rolo Takes a Walk by Maslanka
Royal Coronation Dances by Margolis
Russian Sailor's Dance by Gliere/James Curnow

Salvation is Created by Tschnesokoff/House

Santa at the Symphony arranged by Williams
Semper Fidelis by John P. Sousa/Schissel

Sheep May Safely Graze from Cantata #208, The Hunt Cantataby J. S. Bach arranged by Phillip Sparke
(A) Slavonic farewell by Agapkin.Bourgeois
Snakes by Duffy
Solemn Prelude by James Barnes
Songs for America by Irving Berlin/Swearingen
Sorcery Suite by Barnes
(The) Standard of St. George by Alford
(The) Star Spangled Banner (A Love Song to Our Country) by John Stafford Smith, arranged by Jack Stamp (NO SCORE)
(The ) Stars and Stripe Forever by John P. Sousa

Summit Fanfare by William Owens
Symphonic Suite by Clifton Williams
Symphony #1 by Bukvich
Symphony #2 (3rd movement) by Hanson.McBeth
Symphony #3 Kozhevnikov


Their Blossoms Down by Samuel R Hazo
Three Revelations from the Lotus Sutra, II Contemplation, III Rejoicing
Toccata by Frescobaldi/Slocum
Twelve Seconds to the Moon by Robert W. Smith (NO SCORE)




(The ) Washington Post by John Philip Sousa edited by Fredrick Fennell
When the Stars Began to Fall (My Lord What a Mourning) by Fred J Allen (Spiritual)
Whip and Spur Galop by Allen/Cramer (two sets available)


Yorkshire March by Ludwig von Beethoven/ Leppla
Yosemite Autumn by Mark Campouse