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in our 25th year of service to small school bands in Texas


Full Details ISD
Date Posted
Full Details Beeville 4A or CC Assistant Band Director Jaime Vela 5/5/2016 9:02:22 AM
Full Details Tarkington 4A Assistant Band Director Jeff Parma 5/5/2016 6:28:31 PM
Full Details Seminole 4a JH/HS Assistant Band Director Daylan Sellers, Adam Bodine 5/7/2016 4:03:46 PM
Full Details Sabinal 2A 6-12 Band Director Luciano Castro 5/8/2016 9:43:00 PM
Full Details Cleveland ISD 4A Assistant Director Kristy Jones 5/9/2016 9:21:12 AM
Full Details Greenwood ISD 4A/CC Middle School Band Director Suzanne Rhynes 5/9/2016 10:43:01 AM
Full Details Hallettsville ISD AAA JH Band Director/HS Assistant Sophie Teltschik 5/10/2016 8:53:33 AM
Full Details Como-Pickton CISD 3A Assistant Band Director Jeremy Wofford 5/10/2016 3:47:34 PM
Full Details Redwater ISD AAA Assistant HS/JH Director *NEW POSITION* Jay Sutton 5/11/2016 9:21:05 AM
Full Details Sanger 4A Middle School Director / HS Assistant Pat Autry 5/11/2016 10:33:45 AM
Full Details China Spring AAAA Assistant Band Director Pam Hyatt 5/11/2016 12:34:34 PM
Full Details Woodville AAA/C Choir Director/Assistant Band Director Eric Holton 5/11/2016
Full Details Castleberry ISD 4A Band Director @ CHS Gene Lamb 5/12/2016 2:29:02 PM
Full Details Tidehaven . Band Director Doris Streams 5/13/2016 10:10:24 AM
Full Details Tidehaven . Assistant Director Doris Streams 5/13/2016 2:05:44 PM
Full Details Castleberry ISD 4A Assistant Band Director/Irma Marsh Middle School Gene Lamb 5/13/2016 2:33:34 PM
Full Details Point Isabel 4A High School/2C Junior High Assistant Band Director/Low Brass Specialist Scott Hartsfield 5/16/2016 12:39:56 PM
Full Details Rosebud-Lott AA Assistant Band Director David Veteto 5/16/2016 11:15:56 PM
Full Details Terrell ISD 4A/CC Head MS Director Tom Kuhn 5/17/2016 7:34:29 AM
Full Details Springtown 4A Band Director - 6th grade campus Chris McLellan - Director of Bands 5/17/2016 10:54:31 AM
Full Details Livingston 5A Assistant Band Director Al Torres 5/17/2016 6:15:10 PM
Full Details Bullard 4A Assistant Band Director Gary Jordan 5/17/2016 10:40:21 PM
Full Details Cayuga 2A Band Director Russel Holden 5/18/2016 9:13:22 AM
Full Details Farmersville 1C/3A JH Band Director, Asst HS Director Scott Cross 5/18/2016 11:14:12 AM
Full Details Liberty AAAA Assistant Band Director Bob Smith 5/18/2016 3:06:48 PM
Full Details McCamey 2A Asst. Band Director German Torres 5/19/2016 6:48:54 PM
Full Details Cisco 3A/C Assistant Band Director Tony Dorsey 5/19/2016 8:31:56 PM
Full Details Happy 1A Band Director/Music Teacher Ray Keith 5/20/2016 10:45:47 AM
Full Details Melissa AAAA Associate Director of Bands Jerry Whorton 5/20/2016 11:03:02 AM
Full Details Community . Elementary Music Teacher Julie Meek 5/20/2016 1:45:45 PM
Full Details Mineola 3A Music Teacher Chris Brannan 5/21/2016 5:44:04 PM
Full Details Jarrell AAA/C Assistant Band Director Scott Lanham 5/23/2016 9:41:18 AM
Full Details Crockett AAA/C Assistant Band Director Rhonda Kendrick 5/24/2016 11:09:43 AM
Full Details Gatesville AAAA Head Band Director Marsha Worthington 5/24/2016 12:05:13 PM
Full Details Navarro ISD 4A Band Director Kathy Peel 5/24/2016 2:18:28 PM
Full Details Italy 2A/1C Head Band Director Lee Joffre 5/24/2016 3:46:21 PM
Full Details Lake Country Christian School 2A Director of Bands Hattie Cline 5/24/2016 3:53:34 PM
Full Details Callisburg 3A Assistant Band Director(Part Time) Odis Bonner 5/25/2016 8:42:17 AM
Full Details Wichita Falls CCC/5A Assistant Band Director Kelly Strenski 5/25/2016 8:43:24 AM
Full Details Boles ISD AA Director of Bands Jill Thomason 5/25/2016 11:27:45 AM
Full Details Coleman ISD 3A Head Band Director Diana Dobbins, HS Principal 5/25/2016 11:42:13 AM
Full Details Crystal City ISD Certified Mariachi Director Dante Delgado 5/25/2016 4:02:41 PM
Full Details Timpson 2A Assistant Band Director Rhonda Daniel 5/25/2016 10:53:01 PM
Full Details Gatesville AAAA Asst. Band Director Marsha Worthington 5/26/2016 11:30:54 AM
Full Details Navarro ISD 4A Assistant Band Director Kathy Peel 5/26/2016 3:29:03 PM
Full Details Nueces Canyon CISD A Head Band Director Kristi Powers 5/27/2016 12:18:01 PM
Full Details Canton 4A/2C Junior High Director Mike Bartley 5/30/2016 10:32:44 PM
Full Details Morton ISD 2A Band Director Glen Smith 5/31/2016 10:56:37 AM
Full Details Tatum ISD 4A/2C Assistant Band Director David Applegate 5/31/2016 12:07:07 PM
Full Details Pecos Barstow Toyah ISD Head Band Director Head Band Director Conrad Arriola 5/31/2016 1:51:53 PM
Full Details Pecos Barstow Toyah ISD Assistant Band Director Assistant Band Director Conrad Arriola 5/31/2016 1:56:28 PM
Full Details Smyer 2A Assistant Band Director Julie Barnard 5/31/2016 5:06:15 PM
Full Details Archer City 2A Assistant Band Director Karen Brunker 6/1/2016 8:53:09 AM
Full Details Winona 3A MS Band Director Ramon Parker 6/2/2016 11:21:51 AM
Full Details Teague 3A Assistant Band Director Cari Martin 6/2/2016 12:53:58 PM
Full Details Denver City 4 A Head JH Director Jerry Rodriquez 6/2/2016 2:42:10 PM
Full Details Ropes 1A Head Band Director Joel Willmon 6/3/2016 12:30:16 PM
Full Details Howe 3A Asst. High School & Middle School Band Director Angie Liss 6/3/2016 1:20:56 PM
Full Details Smithville ISD 4A Elementary Music Teacher Wayne King 6/3/2016 3:52:58 PM
Full Details Sinton ISD 4-A Elementary/Corlorguard Robert Flores 6/4/2016 8:26:36 AM
Full Details Hillsboro 4A Assistant Band Director Barbara Robinson 6/5/2016 1:34:42 PM
Full Details Orange Grove 4A Elementary Music Teacher Lyn Perez 6/7/2016 7:54:37 AM
Full Details Canton 4A/2C Assistant Junior High Mike Bartley 6/8/2016 10:31:57 AM
Full Details Orange Grove 4A Choir Director Emerico Perez, III 6/8/2016 7:02:05 PM
Full Details Yoakum ISD 3A Elementary Music Gabe Adamek, Principal 6/9/2016 5:47:08 PM
Full Details Shelbyville ISD 2A Assistant Director Shaka Hawkins 6/10/2016 1:42:02 PM
Full Details Banquete ISD 3A Assistant Band Director/Elem. Music Blake Corkill 6/13/2016 10:39:16 AM
Full Details Crosbyton 2A Director of Music Shawn Mason 6/13/2016 1:24:17 PM
Full Details Kountze 3A/1C Band Director/Assistant Robert Fife 6/14/2016 11:25:55 AM
Full Details Cushing ISD 2A Band Director Michael S. Davis 6/14/2016 1:00:56 PM
Full Details Schleicher County ISD 2A Head Band Director Robert Gibson/Supt. 6/14/2016 5:57:01 PM
Full Details Flatonia AA Elementary Music/Assistant Band Director Bob Hansen 6/15/2016 10:46:47 AM
Full Details Burkburnett 4A Head Band Director Brad Owen 6/15/2016 2:28:05 PM
Full Details Gladewater ISD 4A High School Band Director Debra Money 6/16/2016 10:53:39 AM
Full Details CASTLEBERRY ISD 4A Assistant Band Director @ CHS Gene Lamb 6/17/2016 9:01:29 AM
Full Details Tulia 3A/1C Asst. Band Director Johnny Lara (Principal) 6/17/2016 10:51:36 PM
Full Details Lampasas . Teacher, Assistant Band Director Benjie Tischler 6/20/2016 12:10:36 PM
Full Details Robinson 4A HS/JH ASST. Wylie Gore 6/21/2016 10:27:39 AM
Full Details Bartlett Band Band Director Brett Springston 6/21/2016 1:37:12 PM
Full Details McDade 1A Band Director Paul Smith 6/21/2016 1:56:29 PM
Full Details Rusk ISD 4A Head Band Director Scott Schwartz, Principal 6/21/2016 2:42:17 PM
Full Details Rusk ISD 4A/3C Assistant Band Director John Burkhalter or Scott Schwartz 6/21/2016 3:43:10 PM
Full Details Iraan-Sheffield ISD AA Assistant Band Director Veronica Tagle 6/22/2016 10:51:45 AM
Full Details Gatesville 4A/CC Assistant HS/JH Jose Sanchez 6/22/2016 1:53:51 PM
Full Details Venus ISD 2C/4A Assistant Band Director John Czerwieski 6/22/2016 3:38:45 PM
Full Details Bowie AAA Head Band Director Kelly Shackelford 6/22/2016 10:33:10 PM
Full Details Brady 3A Assitant band director Kelly Rushfeldt 6/23/2016 9:33:22 AM
Full Details Aransas County ISD . Teacher/Band Director/Rockport-Fulton Middle School Mary Boone 6/23/2016 11:09:32 AM
Full Details Lamesa 4A Assistant Band Director David Rodriguez 6/24/2016 1:26:16 PM
Full Details Lamesa 4A Assistant Director of Bands David Rodriguez 6/24/2016 1:31:11 PM

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