Association of Texas Small School Bands

in our 26th year of service to small school bands in Texas


Full Details Date Posted
First Name
Last Name
Location Desired
Full Details 2/19/2017 3:36:36 PM Ashlyn Ray First Year Teacher Trumpet Dallas or Houston Area; West Texas Area
Full Details 2/19/2017 10:21:29 PM Markell Robinson 9 Years Low Brass TX
Full Details 2/23/2017 4:47:53 PM Glenn Doyle 30+ French Horn/Piano Temple/Belton/Killeen
Full Details 2/23/2017 5:02:53 PM Nathan Mercer 9 years Percussion Any
Full Details 2/25/2017 8:13:37 PM Allison Girt Student Teaching French Horn East Texas
Full Details 2/27/2017 7:37:46 AM James Sky-Eagle Smith 10 + Low Brass Any
Full Details 3/1/2017 3:09:20 PM Jennifer Parra 19 years Bassoon central Texas
Full Details 3/6/2017 4:01:50 PM Markell Robinson 9 years Tuba / Low Brass Any
Full Details 3/7/2017 7:14:50 AM James Cross 9 Low brass West Texas
Full Details 3/8/2017 6:26:21 PM Wayne Dannheim 33 years Percussion/Band Close to Round Rock
Full Details 3/10/2017 1:23:49 PM Ron Ashcraft 33 years All Brass Northeast Texas
Full Details 3/12/2017 6:43:22 PM Sara Jewell 2 years college percussion studio graduate teaching assistant, 1 year HS/JH/Elem Band Percussion North/Central/East Texas
Full Details 3/13/2017 4:47:37 PM Evah Chambers 9 Years Elementary Woodwind- Flute North/East/West/Central TX
Full Details 3/15/2017 10:56:32 AM Kari White 20 years DCI Instruction Main instrument: Trumpet North Texas, Dallas, Fort Worth
Full Details 3/16/2017 12:34:55 PM Scott Johnson 17 years teaching all levels from kindergarten to college. Low Brass DFW and surrounding areas
Full Details 3/27/2017 2:12:40 PM John Stacy Student teaching, private lessons Horn Region 1
Full Details 3/28/2017 7:50:14 AM Jason White 3 years - Band Percussion/Brass/woodwinds San Angelo Area
Full Details 3/29/2017 3:59:19 PM Justin Good Full Time 2 yrs, Part Time 5 yrs. Brass/Color Guard DFW, North Texas

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