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Full Details ISD
Date Posted
Full Details Winona 1C/3A MS Band Director Justin Ketner 2/12/2018 1:47:40 PM
Full Details Caldwell . Director of Bands Vicki Ochs 2/13/2018 12:45:35 PM
Full Details Lake Country Christian School . Low Brass Instructor Hattie Cline 2/14/2018 11:59:21 AM
Full Details Lake Country Christian School . Percussion Instructor Hattie Cline 2/14/2018 12:04:24 PM
Full Details Lake Country Christian School . Private Lesson Guitar Teacher Hattie Cline 2/14/2018 12:06:02 PM
Full Details Lake Country Christian School . Private Lesson Piano Teacher Hattie Cline 2/14/2018 12:07:32 PM
Full Details Como-Pickton CISD . Assistant Band Director Kelly Baird, High School Principal 2/14/2018 7:23:03 PM
Full Details Seagraves AA Assistant Director Daylan Sellers/George Rangel 2/15/2018 11:46:12 AM
Full Details Luling 3A Head Band Director Joseph Alvarez 2/20/2018 9:28:32 AM
Full Details DeKalb 3A Head Band Director Dr. John Booth 3/1/2018 10:27:57 AM
Full Details Bowie ISD AAA Head junior high Kendel Hickenbottom Fine Arts Director and Head band director 3/5/2018 11:08:47 AM
Full Details Bloomington 3A Head Band Director HS/MS Lina Moore 3/20/2018 1:24:10 PM
Full Details Tidehaven . Asst. Band Director Doris Streams 3/20/2018 2:51:25 PM
Full Details Elysian Fields ISD C/3A Middle School Director/ High School Assistant Maynard Chapman 3/20/2018 3:36:26 PM
Full Details West I.S.D. 3A/1C Assistant Band Director Mark Dorsey 3/22/2018 2:19:34 PM
Full Details Commerce 3A Band Director Ludonna Smithers 3/22/2018 8:19:55 PM
Full Details Littlefield ISD . 2nd Asst. Band Director Bonnie Anderson 3/24/2018 9:40:49 PM
Full Details Hallettsville 3A Head Director Darrin Bickham 3/26/2018 2:47:32 PM
Full Details Malakoff ISD 3-A Assistant Band Director Chad Bentley 3/26/2018 4:07:52 PM
Full Details Quinlan . Assistant Band Director (18-19 school year) Martin Filip 3/26/2018 8:47:47 PM
Full Details Wills Point ISD 4A Head Band Director Melanie Rotenberry 3/27/2018 2:39:38 PM
Full Details Terrell ISD 5A Associate Band Director Veronica Gonzalez 3/27/2018 5:56:06 PM
Full Details Wichita Falls 3C (MS) 5A (HS) Assistant Band Director (MS,HS) Kelly Strenski 3/27/2018 6:04:50 PM
Full Details Rochelle 1A Band Director Dave Leiws 3/27/2018 7:33:13 PM
Full Details Huntington 4A/2C Assistant Band Director/Intermediate Music Sandy Flowers or Will Bosley 3/27/2018 7:56:01 PM
Full Details Gatesville 4A/2C Assistant Band Director Jose Sanchez 3/27/2018 7:52:55 PM
Full Details Springtown 4A Percussion Director/Band Director Chris McLellan 3/28/2018 3:24:08 PM
Full Details Elkhart 1C/3A Assistant/MS Band J. Wes Canaday 3/28/2018 3:26:30 PM
Full Details Westwood ISD 3A/1C Head Junior High/Assistant High School Shayla Skief 3/28/2018 7:13:47 PM
Full Details Caldwell ISD . Assistant Band Director Vicki Ochs 3/29/2018 3:36:48 PM
Full Details Cross Roads ISD Full Time Band Director John Miller 3/29/2018 5:16:48 PM
Full Details Tenaha 2A Assistant Band Director Brian Sours 4/1/2018 11:03:46 PM
Full Details San Augustine AA Assistant Band Director Craig Haynie 4/2/2018 9:12:40 PM
Full Details Clifton C / 3A Middle School Director / Assistant High School Keith Zuehlke 4/3/2018 2:00:39 PM
Full Details Clifton C / 3A Middle School Director / Assistant High School Keith Zuehlke 4/3/2018 2:08:40 PM
Full Details Hale Center 2A Head Band Director Alan Berry 4/3/2018 7:49:13 PM
Full Details Sunray 2A Assistant Band Director Katherine Nusz 4/3/2018 9:38:00 PM
Full Details Howe 3A / 1C Assistant Band Director/Director of Percussive Studies Angie Liss 4/4/2018 2:45:16 PM
Full Details Gonzales ISD Administrator Band Director Wanda Fryer 4/4/2018 3:51:23 PM
Full Details Clifton ISD 3A Director of Bands Mary Jo Maddux 4/5/2018 1:36:36 PM
Full Details Freer ISD AA Band Director Letty Carrillo 4/5/2018 4:07:24 PM
Full Details Texhoma . Band Director Connie Miller 4/5/2018 7:10:58 PM
Full Details Springtown 2C/4A Assistant Band Director - MS Chris McLellan 4/5/2018 9:17:38 PM
Full Details Blooming Grove 3A/1C Assistant Director Anthony Gaddy 4/6/2018 8:39:07 PM
Full Details Dublin ISD 3A/1C Assistant Band Director HS/MS Ronny Luedke - Head Band Director 4/9/2018 5:03:52 PM
Full Details Robinson ISD 4A Assistant Director Wylie Gore 4/9/2018 7:53:38 PM
Full Details Van Alstyne Elem Elementary Music Teacher Tim Fulton 4/10/2018 4:56:55 AM
Full Details Jarrell . Assistant Band/Brass Specialist scott lanham 4/10/2018 1:07:21 PM
Full Details Rusk 4A 2C Assistant Band Director Gehrig Blankenship 4/10/2018 6:55:10 PM
Full Details Bandera ISD 4A Head Band Director Gary Bitzkie 4/11/2018 12:40:14 PM
Full Details Jim Hogg County 3A Assistant Band Director Ed Trevino 4/11/2018 6:20:42 PM
Full Details Archer City 1C/2A Assistant Band Director Karen Brunker 4/11/2018 8:52:50 PM
Full Details Alvord Professional District Band Director Dr. Randy Brown 4/12/2018 6:37:21 PM
Full Details Alvord 2A Assistant Band Director Kelly Martin 4/13/2018 1:54:38 PM
Full Details Yoakum 3A Assistant Band Director/Percussion Specialist Jennifer Voges 4/16/2018 3:56:39 PM
Full Details Tolar 3A Head Band Director Brad Morgan 4/16/2018 12:49 PM
Full Details CLeveland 5A Assistant Band Director Kristy Jones 4/17/2018 7:24:28 PM
Full Details Palestine 4A Assistant Band Director/Percussion Director Adrian Alonso 4/18/2018 1:02:59 PM
Full Details Redwater ISD 3A HS Asst. Band Director Jay Sutton 4/18/2018 4:15:17 PM
Full Details Quitman ISD 3A M.S. / Assistant H.S. Kari Wilson 4/18/2018 8:36:55 PM
Full Details Wills Point ISD 4A Assistant Director Nick Kornegay 4/19/2018 3:13:49 PM
Full Details Italy 2A Assistant Band Director Jonathan VanOmmeren 4/19/2018 4:00:00 PM
Full Details San Saba 2A Head Band Director Michael Bohensky 4/19/2018 4:49:56 PM
Full Details Andrews CC/4A MS Head Band Director/HS Asst. Band Director Darin K. Johns 4/19/2018 4:02:48 PM
Full Details Hearne . District Band Coordinator Dr. Adrain Johnson 4/19/2018 9:30:13 PM
Full Details Llano (LLANO) . Band Director Jenifer Neatherlin 4/20/2018 3:44:50 PM
Full Details Luling 3A Asst Band Director Kelly Meshell 4/23/2018 3:38:27 PM
Full Details Brownsboro 4A Assistant JH Director Jeff Russell 4/23/2018 4:54:42 PM
Full Details Van Vleck 3A Assistant Band Director Rachel Clakley 4/23/2018 8:01:41 PM
Full Details Chapel Hill ISD 4A/CC HS/MS Assistant Dir. Joe Hewitt 4/24/2018 4:34:23 PM
Full Details Yorktown 2A District Band Director Ashley Chandler 4/25/2018 11:15:04 AM
Full Details Hutto CC Assistant Band Director Jo Ann Champion 4/25/2018 2:00:45 PM
Full Details Wheeler AA Assistant Band Director Bryan Markham or John Bratton 4/25/2018 3:49:51 PM
Full Details Stratford ISD 2A Head Band Director PJ Hanna 4/25/2018 6:18:36 PM
Full Details Stratford ISD 2A Asst Band Director Clint Seward 4/25/2018 6:21:38 PM
Full Details Sweetwater ISD Certified Assistant Band Director - Woodwinds Teacher Matthew Guidino or Billie Berry 4/25/2018 6:43:30 PM
Full Details Skidmore-Tynan ISD 3A Head Band Director Dustin Barton 4/25/2018 11:35:07 PM

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