ATSSB Entry Process


2.  Click on Divisions

3.  Then go to Band

4.  Under Band find Audition Entry Process Ė click on this link

5.  Then follow the instructions below.

Establish Your Account

1. Click Login as Director.

2. You will be asked to enter your TMEA membership number. The first time you log in, leave the password blank; you will create a password on the next page. Note: this password is not associated with your online membership renewal.

3. After submitting this information, you will be taken to the Director Information Page.

4. After you complete the information, click SAVE. You are now registered and will be taken to your personal Directorís Page. You may edit your personal information and/or select a contest and begin entering students. The next time you log in, you will see this page in place of the registration page.

Entering Students into the Audition Process

1. Select an audition from the list of available contests. This will take you to the contest summary page.

2. Make note of the deadline. You will not be able to add, edit, or delete entries after this date.

3. Click ADD STUDENT. The type or level of the contest will determine the information required.

4. Enter the information requested for the student. If any fields are left blank, the studentís entry will not be saved.

5. Click SAVE ENTRY. The entry is saved and you are then returned to the contest summary page. Once a student is entered, their name will appear in the table. If the student is not listed, their entry was not completed due to missing data.

6. To add additional students, repeat steps 3 through 5.

7. To edit or delete an entry, click on the studentís name to edit and save the entry, or click on delete to remove the entry.

Finish Your Entry

Do this after ALL students have been entered!

1. From the contest summary page, print the Official Entry Form.

2. Attach a copy of TMEA and ATSSB membership verification.

3. Secure payment for your entries.

4. Mail both the Official Entry Form and payment to the appropriate region officer.

5. Be sure it is postmarked on or before the contest deadline.


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