Students' Rights and Responsibilities



1.  Students have the right to refuse to play any part of an audition that is not included in the officially sanctioned ATSSB audition material.

2.  Students have the right to expect the band director to post a copy of the submitted entry form in plain view.

3.  Up to such time that the scales are competed, students have the right to exit the audition room  due to mechanical failures with their instrument.

     If the student leaves the room after the first note of the first etude has been played, the audition will be considered complete.

4.  Students have the right to an anonymous auditon.


1.  Students are responsible for attaining the accurate audition material from the website.

2.  Students are responsible for viewing the posted entry form.

3.  Students are responsible for reporting any mechanical problems to the monitor before beginning the etude portion of the audition.

4.  Students are responsible for refraining from entering an audition room unless he is the auditionee.

5.  Students are responsible to refrain from any activity that would identify themselves or their school during the audition.



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