ATSSB Region 14

I.  Region Band Entry Procedures


A.  Auditions will follow the ATSSB Audition procedures as listed on the ATSSB website.  High School audition music will come from the approved ATSSB list and the ATSSB Website is the official audition music document.  Middle School audition music will come from the list approved by Region 14 as presented on the website (with permission from Hal Leonard). 


B.  Fees for ATSSB All-Region Band Auditions are set at $10.00 per high school student and $8.00 per middle school student.  Fees for ATSSB Jazz Band Auditions are set at $20.00 per student. A Jazz Student who is recording $20.00 per student.  Fees for Mariachi $10.00 per middle or high school student.


C.  The entries must be submitted online through the TMEA website or according to ATSSB procedures. The deadline for entries will be posted on the website prior to contest day.  Late entries will be allowed and accepted three days prior to the audition. Entry fees for late entries are DOUBLED.  Note: that additional entries are not permitted on the day of the audition   No changes of any kind will be allowed after the late entry deadline has expired. Late entries must be sent directly to the Region Coordinator.


D.  A copy of head director’s ATSSB and TMEA membership cards must be attached to the registration form.  The registration form must be received by the Region Treasurer with a hard copy of the entries and fees postmarked by the deadline date.


E.  The head junior high/middle school band director must be a paid member of ATSSB and TMEA.  The high school band director’s card cannot be used for junior high entries unless there is no junior high director.


F.  Students will not be allowed to audition if the director is not a paid ATSSB and TMEA member and a written reprimand will be issued to the Director’s principal, superintendent, and board of trustees.


G.    Directors should enter all students they believe will audition, regardless of eligibility.  The director is responsible for enforcing eligibility rules on the day of the audition.  Student eligibility rules will be based on current UIL Rules of Eligibility.


H.  Entry fees should be paid prior to auditions and should include everyone registered regardless of DNA’s. This is the set policy of ATSSB.


I.  Directors and students are responsible for checking the list of audition material and errata.


J.  Sixth grade students may not audition.  Seventh and eighth grade students may not audition for the High School All Region Band.


K.  ATSSB Region 14 Band Division is responsible to pay the fees for students advancing to area.


L.  Students are required to follow a "Student Code of Conduct" for ATSSB events. Directors and or parents should supervise their students.


M.  A valve trombone is NOT acceptable at trombone tryouts.


ii. Director/Judge Responsibilities-Auditions


A.  Five judges must be used in each room for high school auditions and three judges for Jr. High auditions.  The region coordinator will use discretion in placing qualified personnel to judge individual instruments.   If sixty (60) or more entries are registered the panel may be split into two rooms of three (3) judges each. A waiver is on file with ATSSB.


B.  All Full time Directors from each school are required to be in attendance to judge at both the HS and JR HIGH tryouts.  If a Director is not present, a letter of reprimand can be issued to the Director’s principal, superintendent, and board of trustees.


C.  Prior to beginning the auditions, the judges in each room will select the 60% cuts for each etude to be used for the auditions.  A waiver is on file with ATSSB.


D.  Students auditioning should be out of view to the judges.  At no time should the judges or students be in view of each other.


E.  There will be no vocal communication between participants and judges.


F.  Tempo markings must be strictly adhered to.  (Judges WILL NOT change tempos)


G.  For the safety of our students and the protection of the host school, participating schools are encouraged to bring adult chaperones for both auditions to help monitor students (we prefer school employees).  All participating schools must bring an adult to chaperone the students during both the Junior High and High School Auditions.


iii. Procedures for Audition


A.  At the region audition, students will enter and compete one at a time according to their audition letter. Auditions are closed to the public. 


B.  The warm-up will be the one breath rule. The percussion warm up time limit will be fifteen seconds.  Timpani students will have one minute to tune before each etude.


C.  Students may use their own music in the audition room.  Original music will be provided in each room.


D.  Two rounds will be used for the auditions starting with Letter A both times.  Percussion students will audition in one round.


E.  Students may audition on only one instrument at the region auditions.


F.  A chromatic scale and excerpts from each required etude will be heard.  There is no memorization requirement at any ATSSB audition.


G.  The monitor must stand away, out of sight, from the student while the student is performing.


H.  Official order and time line of complaints is: Student notifies monitor; monitor refers to judges; judges refer to contest office.


I.       ATSSB is not liable or responsible in anyway for a student's equipment not functioning or responding properly.


iv. Administrative Issues


A.  Auditions


1.  All results will not be considered official until one hour after ALL auditions and tabulations have been completed.


2.  The Region Coordinator will e-mail the results of the contest to all directors or post results on the region website.


B.  Region Band Clinic/Concert


1.  If a director has knowledge that a student will not be able to participate in the Region Band or at Area auditions, he/she must contact the Region Coordinator at the earliest possible time.


2.  Every effort will be made to make directors aware of replacements as soon as possible.


3.  The region coordinator and band organizer will seat alternates.  Directors and clinicians will not make those decisions.


4.  Each student’s director (or a qualified proxy) MUST be in attendance at the rehearsals to assist the clinicians and assist in supervising his/her students.



V.      Student’s Rights


A.    Up to such time as the chromatic scale is completed, a student has the right to exit the audition room due to mechanical failure of his/her instrument and return to complete the audition after the instrument is repaired or the student locates another instrument to use. 


B.     If an instrument cannot be repaired prior to the conclusion of the audition and the student is unable to continue the audition, the audition will be considered complete. 


C.     If the student leaves the room after the first note of the first etude has been played, the audition will be considered complete.


D.    Students have the right to an anonymous audition.



VI.    Student’s Responsibilities


A.    Students are responsible for obtaining the accurate audition material from the ATSSB website.


B.     Students are responsible for reporting any mechanical problems to the monitor before beginning the ETUDE portion of the audition.


C.     Students are responsible to refrain from any activity that would identify themselves or their school during the audition.


D.    Students, who are selected as members of the Region Band, are required to attend all rehearsals and the concert.  A student may be excused from a rehearsal in case of an emergency as determined by the Region Officers. 


E.     The director must notify the Region Coordinator of the anticipated absence prior to the rehearsal or the student’s membership will be forfeited and an alternate will be called.


F.      The clinic/concert is free to the public.