ATSSB Jazz Band

Jazz Coordinator-Bing Bingham, Wimberley HS

Date of Tryouts-September 17. 2016
Location-Taylor HS
Contest Host-David Motl
Recording Monitor-Bing Bingham

Entry Process Begins-
Deadline for Entries-
Late Deadline for Entries-
Entry Fee-$12.50 per student, $30.00 school fee
Late Fee-Additional $12.50 per student and $15.00 school fee

Any changes in personnel are handled by the region coordinator.  Ann Lowes Mueller
Organizer:  Bing Bingham, Wimberley
Rehearsal on December 3rd at Jerry Wilhelm PAC, Bastrop
Rehearsal on January 13th
Sound Check on January 14th
Refer to the high school page for concert times.
Program Coordinator-Colin Chichurka, Hallettsville HS